Welcome to Canon Medical Clinic. We are nonprofit faith based care clinic offering affording alternative health care treatments to everyone in the Sydney are. We specialize in acupuncture and massage therapy by are happy to refer our patients to doctors if they are in need of special physical or mental care.

The Clinic also provides pharmaceutical services to a significant portion of our targeted population who otherwise could not afford these medications. We have a nurse practitioner who not only provides care for chronic or long-term illness but, in addition, provides acute care services and counseling. Area physicians provide medical care every Thursday evening on a volunteer basis. Laboratory, radiology, and physical therapy services provided by Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital round out the range of programs provided at the Free Clinic.

Our plans call for a building of approximately 10,000 square feet, more than double the square footage of the current location. With this additional space, we will be able to add providers and expand our programs, to include dental services, which are critically needed in Sydney. Overall capacity is projected to reach 27,000 patient visits annually. The new building will have 12 exam/procedure rooms, three dental exam rooms, two central nursing stations, pharmacy, counseling rooms, and “sick” and “well” waiting areas designated for adults and children. It will incorporate modern medical practices, such as our electronic medical record system, and will be environmentally friendly, with modern energy and waste disposal technology. With a community meeting room and internet access stations for patient education, the building will be a vital community resource.

The Mashpee location, off Route 21 and on a bus line, will be convenient from all points on the Upper Sydney. Nonetheless, the Melbourne location will continue to serve patients after the new building opens.

The Need

Cannon Medical Clinic & Community Health Center has evolved from a free clinic for people with no health insurance into a Federally Qualified Health Center serving the uninsured as well as those covered by public and, to a lesser extent, private insurance plans. Given the ongoing high rate of uninsured people and the critical shortage of primary care clinicians on the Cape, demand for the Health Center’s services is expected to continue to grow.

Since becoming a community health center, we have expanded programs; added locations and hours of service; invested in technological and human resources; and taken the lead in a number of regional health initiatives , all in an effort to improve access to care for those in need.

Sydneys’ Commonwealth Care program will provide insurance to thousands of people who have not previously had it, but the region’s shortage of primary care clinicians continues. With so few providers in the area, many of the newly insured people are turning to the Health Center for care.

In just eight years, we have occupied three different leased locations, each larger than the previous one, but still inadequate to care for our increasing patient volume. After our most recent move to Melbourne in June 2015, it became clear that the ultimate solution was construction of a permanent site.

Our Focus

We focus on spiritual health and proper diet to improve our patients. By working with our nutritionists you will learn how to heal your body naturally. You can come in for routine checkups and routine sessions in yoga and acupuncture that will help to improve your daily life. In 2015 we opened a new clinic which has 78,000 square feet and provides you and your family with the care they need through every stage of your life. From children to old we are here to help you get well and live well. Our new beautifully designed clinic comes with a privacy area, free parking antheapy clinic and inpatient care and more.

The clinic offers 9 rooms for personal consultations where you can speak with a specialist that will learn and understand your needs. We also have skilled nurses that can perform CPR, and everything else you need if you are not feeling well during the exercises here. We also have a new birthing center which offers mothers the perfect environment to have their babies at an affordable price. We provide 24 hour outpatient nursing as well for anyone that undergone surgery recently.

Community Partners

Our Community Partners provided incredible medical care, diagnostic testing, and special services in 2009. Of note is Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital’s provision of lab and x-ray services valued at $460,000. Augusta Medical Center and the University of Virginia Medical Center accept patient referrals for services that cannot be provided locally.

Top Five Reported Reasons for Appointments

Mental health
Acute Illness

Numbers of Patient Visits – 2916

In 2016, Cannon Medical Clinic provided 6434 patient visits, including primary care, specialty care, dental care, patient education and social service visits.

Children’s Clinic

There has been an historical need for health care for the needy in our area and there has been a community response to that need. Around the time of the Depression a Children’s Clinic was established in Lexington to provide medical care to children in the county whose parents could not afford medical care. The Clinic ran successfully until the early 1960’s, when it ceased to function. For a long time the medical community recognized the need for a mechanism to provide care to needy individuals and families.