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    Filter Your Tap Water with a Faucet Water Filter

    If you’re concerned about your health, then you may want to look into a way to filter your water. Most cities tend to put harmful chemicals into the water supply to “clean” the water but it can have a negative impact on your health.

    Our clinic tries our best to improve your health and we have had many people complain of common ailments that are found from drinking toxic water.

    Before you purchase any kind of water filter, it’s important to learn about the different varieties of water filters out there.

    How Reverse Osmosis Works

    Simply put, the process works by forcing chemicals out of the membrane with super high speeds. It’s a difficult and expensive process that removes the vast majority of all harmful chemicals in your drinking water.

    There are generally several stages to a proper reverse osmosis filtering. Each stage of filtering has its own benefits and this is one of the best filters out there. Testing has shown that it can easily remove the vast majority of harmful chemicals, such as flouride.

    Faucet Water Filter

    One of the most affordable ways to filter your water is to simply attach a good faucet water filter to your faucet. This can also be used with most home faucets and will save you a lot of money and improve your health.

    The way this style of water filter works is by taking the water directly from your tap and filtering it right away. Unlike Reverse Osmosis which tends to take a lot of time to filter your water, the faucet water filter acts right away. They do need to replaced every 3 or 4 months but it’s worth the price.

    How much does it cost?

    The most expensive style of home water filter is the whole-home system, which can cost you about $1,000 and up. If you want a simple, less expensive solution then a faucet water filter such as the Culigan FM-25, will only cost you about $50 per year. The quality of the water will not be as good but it’s certainly better than doing nothing at all.

    Why should you Filter?

    Most people tend to find their home tap water to have a somewhat poor flavor. Many people opt to buy bottled water, which is not very good for the environment. Removing something like chlorine is pretty simple with a cheap home water filter and it’s a good idea to to do this. While chlorine can help clean the water, it’s not a good idea to drink it.

    Using activated carbon is one of the oldest and best ways to filter your water. Most filters use carbon to absorb the chemicals in the water, along with something like KDF filter medium. These are the least expensive solutions and will save you and your family from drinking water that can be terrible for you.

    Save Your Body with a Shower Water Filter

    Similar to most drinking water filters, the shower water filter uses carbon to clean the water of chlorine. The biggest problem with the larger faucets is that they can contain a lot of chlorine that will get onto your skin in the shower or bath and won’t easily come off. The great thing about the shower water filters is that they are very cheap. If you can feel the chlorine in your shower then it’s probably a good idea to invest in one of these filters.


    If you really care about your health and want to keep your body in good shape then you need to drink good water. The cleaner the water that you’re drinking the healthier you’ll be. You will never feel as good if you’re not putting the cleanest water into your body. The easiest way to do this is with a faucet water filter but you can get any kind of water filter and we urge you to do this if you value your health.

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