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    Organic Gardening: Drinking Water Safe Garden Hoses

    Organic Gardening: Drinking Water Safe Garden Hoses

    Everyone around is working to be as the conscious customers. At grocery store, they read labels completely and say no to the plastic packaging whenever they feel like. They select the safe wooden toys for their kids, avoid the entire product which comes as poisonous cleaning and also grow their organic vegetables now.

    Well, you should wait as all the effort that you are making, unknowingly spraying the healthful produce with the BPA, phthalates, lead and many more. As per the garden product study, which is completed by ecology center, they looked at around different garden hose & even discovered the disturbing level of such chemicals.


    Some of these toxin levels even exceeded the safe drinking water standard around 20 times and even more. 

    Everyone had to face some of the hard facts in these years; it turns out as there is no environment which is pristine anymore, even the ones that are living in the isolated or wild place face which is having contamination of soil, air & the groundwater.

    One can take steps for stop contributing to issues in own backyards with the unsafe garden hoses. Rather than, they can also throw their hands in the despair and can spread the awareness about lesser known health hazard of home.

    Similarly, not all the garden hoses get created equally and one can change the watering practice for helping the hose to do the job, without spraying of endocrine or neurotoxin disruptors. The human bodies also have to deal with in modern environment without adding burden. If in case your hose got purchased prior to 2007, it is likely to have lead.

    Follow these Steps

    Select garden hose with care: Yes, finding the best garden hose today is an easier task now. With many great websites such as garden hose adviser out there to aid you in your search, you can find a ton of useful garden hose information online. Selecting the best garden hose is difficult and often times you need to look very closely at the hose materials and reviews from people that have bought them.

    The brass fitting: can include around 8 per cent of lead and the lead can get used in the stabilizers or pigments. The yellow or green hoses are also particularly the culprits. The hoses that were purchased after the 2007 were governed by the label law that resulted from California lawsuit, though the product testing found still the lead in new garden hoses.

    The vinyl hoses made from the PVC, nicknamed as poison plastic: The PVC relies on the phthalates for offering the elasticity and flexibility but such chemicals have got lots of the bad press. They are also the endocrine disruptors which cause the issues to the development of human reproductive and also linked to the liver cancer. Select the natural rubber hoses rather. The food grade of the polyurethane is other option.

    Select the fittings of non-brass, which are made of the stainless steel: Finding the best drinking water safe garden hose which comes with non-brass fitting, made of aluminum, nickel or brass. Such metals are likely to be called as lead free and meet the standards of drinking water. The soaker hose are made of the old rubber tires that have nickel plating over brass fittings to lower possibility to leach lead.

    Read all labels carefully: watch out for the hoses that include warning citing, which states that this product include chemical called to state of California for causing the birth defect and cancer and other reproductive harm. It is worth for extra few dollars for investing in hose that can help you in enjoying over the years of watering within mind at ease.

    Ask FDA for regulating hose safety: The safe drinking water act or safe chemicals act that attempt for protecting the Americans from the known health hazard in food & household product, don’t cover the garden hose or even gardening products

    Store garden hose in shade: Even for some hours of the sun, heat water in garden hose which increases greatly the chemical leach. Even if you have natural rubber hose, the shade storage prolong life by reducing the photo degradation.

    Unless you are confident fully in the garden hose safety, spray stored water anywhere other than on food garden. The alarmed levels of the chemicals which are found in study also came from water which sat in hose for some days. Never let the children play in the water which is stored in any of the non-food safe plastics.

    The BPA, lead & phthalates are also dangerous especially to the young developed bodies or brains. Never drink from hose, you must always note, even if you have purchased a new hose, there is none of the regulator oversight of manufacturing. The product test showed all unexpected chemicals kind, which includes the flame retardants & the heavy metals as cadmium, in the hoses made of the recycled materials.

    Recycled Plastic

    The recycled plastic might have originally have been used for different purposes that need additives. Until the garden hose is needed for conforming for drinking water standard, whatever comes out of the same must not be considered for drinking water or even for the pets.

    Test the soil and find out if the garden or yard includes the elevated levels of the lead that resulted from the old lead paints, unhealthy garden hoses or environmental factors. If you are having kids playing in yard, even occasionally, this is must. It is also informative for getting overall profile of soil that includes the basic nutrients & pH to maximize the potential of garden.

    Testing Hose Water

    Use simple test of drinking water for finding out what hose is leaching. For getting full picture, test water in hose after it sat in sun for 3 days. If you discover lead in soil from old garden hose, industrial pollution or old paint, best news is that the lead is not taken readily by fruiting the plants as squash & tomatoes.

    The leafy greens as lettuce also likely for absorbing little lead, so if you can grow lot number of greens, you will want to also important the clean top soil and put them in raised bed. If garden does also have some of the lead, make sure to peel or scrub the root vegetables for avoiding eating contaminated soil.

    The peaceful morning in garden, watching tomatoes as reddened while showering squash or bean plants. Then luckily the bad garden hose will not poison such pleasure as there will be other reason for losing sleep. So what are you waiting for?

    Finding the best drinking water safe garden hose is easier, get new garden hose which is made of the polyurethane or natural rubber and then store them in shade. As the chemical hazard go, toxic garden hose are an easier fix. There are now 100 per cent drinking water

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