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    The Deadly Effects of Sugar in Your Body

    The Deadly Effects of Sugar in Your Body

    I was going through some emails the other day and found an email that caught my eye about the 10 deadly effects of sugar from a blog about alternative medicine.  The author, Robyn Janzen, is one who believes “you are what you eat”.  I am the same believer.  He has written many blog posts about keeping your body healthy the natural way instead of taking all the processed junk man has created.

    Of course, sugar is a natural substance found in foods such as fruits and vegetables.  The problem is that sugar has been refined and added to the majority of foods on the grocery store’s shelves.  Ketchup, ice cream, bread, jam, salad dressings, even dried fruit in a bag all have added refined sugar.  EVERYTHING PRACTICALLY HAS ADDED REFINED SUGAR!

    Too much consumption of sugar is not a good thing.  The body can only metabolize a certain amount over time.  The rest is turned into stored fat and the cause of obesity and diabetes to name a few.  But there are more toxic qualities of consuming too much.  Below is a list of the 10 deadly effects of sugar.

    Sugar Speeds Aging

    Rats who stop eating sugar live twice as long at those who keep eating it.

    Sugar Boosts Blood Pressure

    This means it increases the chance of stroke or heart attack.

    Sugar Impairs the Digestive System

    Eating refined sugar aggravates Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 80% of Crohn’s Disease patients adopting a sugar-free diet show improvement.

    Eating sugar raises the risk of gallstones.

    Sugar irritates the stomach and impairs protein digestion. You need protein to build and repair cells.

    Sugar Plugs Up the Urinary Tract

    Eating sugar increases the chance of Kidney Stones.

    Eating Sugar Squelches the Immune System

    Sugar reduces the body’s production of antibodies. These are the front-line solders that find and neutralize foreign invaders.

    High sugar intake interferes with the function of neutrophils. These are the most common type of white blood cells. They are a crucial part of a healthy immune system.

    High consumption of sugar interferes with the function of phagocytes. These cells circulate through the body gobbling up toxic and dangerous materials.

    Sugar Reduces the Body’s Ability to Fight Off Cancer

    Sugar increases the risk of breast cancer. It defeats the body’s ability to fight abnormal cells.

    Sugar increases the risk of colon cancer. Just one teaspoon of additional sugar per day increases colon cancer risk by 40%. An additional three teaspoons or more increases the risk of colon cancer by 100%.

    Eating Sugar Interferes with Crucial Metabolic Processes

    High blood sugar levels raise the insulin production. This contributes to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

    Sugar can create cross-linking of proteins and sugars. This forms a sticky, caramel-like substance in the tissues.

    Sugar ramps up production of free radicals in the body This has many negative effects on health. These include increased inflammation, heart disease and strokes.

    High sugar in the diet creates obesity. It increases body fat. Ironically, in a diet too low in fat, more sugar gets eaten. It is a poor substitute for dietary fats in energy production.

    Sugar increases triglycerides in the blood. Recent research shows high triglycerides aggravate many chronic and deadly diseases. These include heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and pancreatitis.

    Sugar Ruins Oral Health

    Sugar causes tooth decay. It converts the bad bacteria that naturally exist on the teeth into cavity causing lactic acid. This creates plaque, a fundamental part of creating tooth decay.

    Eating Sugar Ages Skin

    High sugar intake accelerates the development of wrinkles because of the cross-linking of sugar and protein. The result has the apt acronym, AGE.

    Other Effects of Sugar Intake

    Sugar increases cholesterol production. Since 80% of the cholesterol is made inside the body, this is a major contributing factor.

    Sugar increases cortisol, aka the stress hormone. Chronic elevated cortisol has a long list of negative effects. These including weight gain, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, impaired learning and memory, and lowered immunity.

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